Friday, April 29, 2011

The 'New' Storms and Your Health

The oceans are warming. The sun is the engine of all earth weather, and an increasingly violent series of storms continue to grind the land. And its inhabitants.

How do you cope? How do you prepare to survive? You need to KNOW what to do, how to react.

If you are warned, react immediately. Don't wait and see.

Get low and stay low. Cover yourself with a blanket, pillows, anything to shield you from glass, splinters, pieces of metal.

The number one hazard (from your health perspective, in a tornado) is the risk for devastating injuries from high-velocity debris. This is 200 MPH velocity!

The high winds and circular nature of a tornado can lift and move big trucks and houses, anything almost. Most victims of tornadoes suffer head and chest trauma due to being struck by debris... or from a structural collapse.

Some individuals are injured while on the ground. Others are whirled up into the air by the tornado and dropped at another location!

That's why getting as low as you can is your best option. If your home has a basement get down there--- that is best. A hallway inside the inner home is second best.

If you are in your car, and see a funnel cloud, get out, don't hope the car will save you. The car is a death trap.

Do not park under an overpass. Get OUT OF THE CAR and find a ditch to lay down in. If its full of muddy water, that's better than your own blood, deal with it. Protect your head with your hands and lie face-down. Force yourself to stay there until the storm is definitely away.

After the storm, find bottled water to drink. Water supplies may be contaminated.

Check yourself and others for punctures, all over the body. Flying debris can pierce you and cause serious infections.

Remember, the 'new" type of storms are becoming more and more violent, and you may experience conditions unlike anything before.

The oceans will keep warming and the storms will be devastating, containing an increasing level of solar energy.

Your health is at stake. Prepare!

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