Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Cell Phone Brain - 'Speeding' on Microwaves?

So, we all know that your cell phone operates through microwaves--- energy waves that pass through the sky, through the building, the car, even your

But what we haven't been able to know is the health impact of those microwaves that bathe your cells every second of every day. Especially, we have worried about the effect of those waves on the delicate tissues of the marvelous wetware device, called the human brain.

Yep, your brain. It's where your mind lives. And you are issued only one
brain, per lifetime.

So many studies are underway to determine the effects, and one has just come
in--- a new study in the Journal of American Medical Association.

The good news first--- the new research didn't find a link between cell
phone exposure and brain cancer. But wait--- the study also doesn't prove
that the two aren't correlated.

Now the bad news--- cell phone calls, especially longer calls, definitely increase your brain activity.

Brain activity means that brain cells are using glucose to create energy.
Your brain normally produces the amount of glucose it needs.

Does this new research mean that stimulation by cell phone radiation damages
our brains? So far, we can't be totally sure. But we do know that drug
stimuli, like amphetamines, which speed up the brain, does great harm.
Nobody disputes that fact.

In the study, subjects had 'significantly higher' brain activity--- in the brain area closest to the telephone antenna!

Experts worry about neural changes in neurotransmitter release, cell membrane permeability, cell excitability, or calcium efflux.

Hey, we love our cell phones. What would life be without them?

But maybe the question should be--- what is their effect on life, especially on your precious brain, when the device is held right next to it?

For now, you can limit cell phone radiation exposure. Use your speakerphone or a wired earpiece to make your calls.

Just don't 'crank' up your brain activity with forced long-exposure cell phone radiation.

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