Friday, December 10, 2010

Who Needs Long-Term Care Insurance?

Long-term care is very expensive. Some insurance companies want to raise
the cost of their monthly premiums, while others are no longer offering such policies at all anymore.

In many parts of the world, family members provide daily health care for their loved one whose health is failing. But sometimes their abilities fall behind the increasing needs of the patient. This is when long-term care may be needed.

Long-term care is expensive. Why? Because trained caregivers are needed,
in a controlled environment. The family may be forced to employ homemaker
services at home, but often they need an assisted living facility, hospice, or a nursing home.

This will cost money for the rest of the ailing person's life. Without insurance, it can bleed you dry.

Here are some good reasons why you should purchase a Long-Term Care Insurance policy, and pay monthly premiums.

You'll be sure not to be a financial burden on your family.

You'll protect whatever level of independence you can have, paying your own way.

You'll protect your retirement assets, instead of wasting them away.

You'll be able to afford high-quality long-term health care.

You'll profit--- your investment will be very small relative to the benefits received.

All that said, preventive medicine is still your best long-term care plan.

Eat healthy, maintain a low BMI, exercise regularly, don't smoke, never drink to excess,.

Above all, maintain your passions for love and for life.

A long-term Care insurance policy is a great hedge against disaster.

Combined with a plan for ongoing good health, you can't lose.

Get coverage while it's still being offered.

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