Friday, December 3, 2010

Warning to Parents - Don't Overdose Your Kids!

Drug overdoses among children are tragically on the rise. And the cause may not be what you think it is.

In the US, a new report by the AMA (American medical Association) warns of grave dangers to children--- by well-meaning parents dispensing OTC (over-the-counter) liquid meds to their kids.

Some of the dangers to overdosed children could include organ damage; or even, in extreme cases, death.

Why? Because parents are found to be confused, too often, by the directions.
Liquid meds are more likely than pills to be measured incorrectly and overdosed. And that's one reason why parents and caregivers often make errors, while administering OTC medications to their children.

Other reasons are poor vigilance, just plain ignorance, and sloppy dosing, right out of a bottle.

In fact, the AMA study found that a whopping 40 to 60 percent of parents put their own kids at "substantial risk!"

So what can you do? Make SURE you are right, by ALWAYS asking yourself these 3 questions before dispensing---

1) Do you really know your child's true weight?
2) Do you know how to accurately measuredly the dosage?
3) Do you understand (the chemistry and potency of ) the medication that you are putting into your child's precious body?

The AMA study examined instructions (and measuring devices, if included), for over 200 pediatric medications. Many were OTC treatments for stomach, allergies, and coughs and colds.

Measuring devices were packaged with only 74 percent (148) of the examined products. Researchers found a whopping 146 cases of inconsistencies between the medication’s dosing directions and markings on those devices!

The study shows clearly that the worst risk to kids are caregivers with 'low health literacy'.

That's one reason why MDINFO exists--- to raise health literacy.

Before you take meds, or dispense meds to your kids--- get the correct INFO!

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