Monday, November 8, 2010

Smoking...Without Smoke!

The tobacco industry knows that the smell of cigarette smoke is one of the prime reasons for many cities and states outlawing public smoking. The non-smoking public doesn't want to smell that that smell, much less breathe the smoke.

So, many millions of dollars later, their brainstorming produced smokeless tobacco. And they tout its "health" aspects, as it involves nicotine release by absorption, not by smoke inhalation, which destroys lung tissue.

Well, just what is this thing called nicotine? What does it really do?

Nicotine is the substance found in tobacco which creates mild intoxication. It is found in all tobacco products such as: cigarettes, pipe tobacco, chewing tobacco, and cigars. It is the waxy resin that the tobacco plants coats itself with to kill insects.

Yes, nicotine is a pesticide. And for a time it was used industrially to kill insects.

When a person smokes a tobacco product, they inhale the smoke--- they get the nicotine, plus over 500 more chemicals!

Okay, you've heard it before. We all know that nicotine is the drug in tobacco that causes addiction. When a user is addicted to nicotine, they feel as if they need nicotine in order to function normally.

But take a look at the symptoms (that addicts become dependent upon feeling)---

increase in blood pressure 

increase in heart rate 

thickening of blood 

narrowing of arteries 

decrease in skin temperature 

increase in respiration 

stimulation of the central nervous system

And sometimes---



And in the long run---

high blood pressure 

blockage of blood vessels

depletion of vitamin C 

reduction in the effectiveness of the immune system 

cancer of the lungs 

cancer of the upper respiratory tract 

bronchitis and/or emphysema 

stomach ulcers 

dryness and wrinkling of the skin 

production of abnormal sperm in males

Oh, and did we mention mouth cancer, gum cancer, tongue cancer, lip cancer? These are the little-mentioned diseases caused by direct contact with snuff, chewing tobacco, or any other form of nicotine material.

Bottom line? Absorbed into the body, whether through smoke or tissue absorption, nicotine is a deadly poison.

Smokeless products are expensive. Does anyone need that nicotine addiction badly enough to pay good money to acquire these diseases?


  1. I would hope it's common knowledge by now that nicotine is poisonous. I mean, it is used as an insecticide after all...

    FZ @ HerbTools

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