Monday, November 22, 2010

Airport Body-Scan Danger

Our bodies reproduce their cells constantly, and when radiated, that process can mutate.

Science-fiction? Science fact, according to increasingly concerned scientists.

So, when you are screen at the airport security entrance, would you volunteer for a full-body radiation bath?

If you don't opt for the pat-down alternative, you are being exposed to potential harm, especially over the lifetime of that intricate cellular structure called your body.

Two major airline pilots unions argue that too little is known about the effects of the X-ray radiation emitted by one of the two types of airport scanning machines.

At the end of October, 189 backscatter units and 152 millimeter-wave machines were in use in more than 65 airports.

Many passengers are too uncomfortable for the physical pat-down of their bodies. This option is available, however, and takes a bit more time.

ASU’s Peter Rez, physics professor, believes that the amount of radiation exposure is definitely enough to be a serious health issue for airline passengers. Especially if you fly regularly.

The TSA insists their radiation machines are safe, citing claims of safer backscatter technology. More machines are on the way. The total number of imaging machines is expected to near 1,000 by the end of 2011, according to the TSA.

Some experts say--- can any size dose of ionizing radiation be good?

Bottom line, if you think a pat-down is too intrusive? Nothing invades you more than radiation.

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