Monday, October 25, 2010

New US Nutrition Strategy?--- Bribing Students to Eat!

In the USA, government experts are searching for ways to combat the rampant child obesity epidemic. Right now, fully 10% of all US residents are overweight and diabetic.

Alarming trends show that, by 2050, fully 1/3rd of all US citizens will suffer obesity and Diabetes 2. No health system can carry that load.

So, the US authorities hope to motivate future citizens, the nation's schoolchildren, to accept better food--- by promoting healthier school lunch choices.

The U.S. Department of Agriculture is giving $2 million to food behavior scientists, to market healthy food to kids, like fruits and veggies, instead of cookies and french fries--- all of which the kids find offered in their school lunch lines.

The scientists are trying tricks like hiding chocolate milk behind plain milk, putting the salad bar near checkout, placing fruit in pretty baskets, and accepting only cash as payment for desserts.

Studies by Cornell University researchers look hopeful. Cornell is launching a new child nutrition center to test more of these methods.

But the same conundrum faces both the government, the parents, and the children. The junk food industry owns those kids from their infancy hours spent parked on their bottoms in front of TV sets, their brains filled with ads for every kind of sugar cereal, candy, confection, or drink.

Much of the blame can be laid to High Fructose Corn Syrup.

How can the government compete with the HFCS industry which is really the corn industry, so heavily subsidized by the same government?

And how can any agency compete for kids attention with the mega-billions of dollars spent by junk food companies to market sugar to kids?

Here are 3 very basic suggestions for the US health scientists...

First, take all the cola and candy vending machines out of public schools!

Second, don't allow unhealthy food choices in the school lunch line, to begin with!

And third, ban HFCS, (as Europe and other areas of the globe have done!)


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