Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Highest Cost Buys Worst Healthcare?

The new 2010 annual Commonwealth Fund health system comparison, shows the USA in dead last. Incredible.

Of all the industrialized nations compared--- Australia, Canada, Germany, the Netherlands, New Zealand, and the United Kingdom--- American citizens spend the most, but get the least level of quality health care.

Who is number one? The Netherlands!

The U.S. was on the bottom in every category (except quality, where it was second to last.) That is pathetic, when so many dollars are spent for better health care in America--- about DOUBLE the amount the Dutch citizens pay for much superior care!

So, is there any good news? Yes, definitely. It gives hope to the US citizen.

Why? Because the Netherlands has no government-run health care system. Its universal coverage is very much like the one President Obama just pushed through the US congress!

With the same kind of system soon to be implanted in the US, the Netherlands is NUMBER ONE in access to care, first in equity of care, and second in quality of care.

Commonwealth Fund President Karen Davis, (the study's lead author) says the new US health law cans turn the whole thing around. "We will begin strengthening primary care and investing in health information technology and quality improvement, ensuring that more and more Americans can obtain access to high quality, efficient health care."

And check out this amazing interactive graphic, if you want to see the breakdown---

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