Thursday, March 4, 2010

Health Plan 2

Dear President Obama,

First, we salute your valiant efforts to obtain universal health insurance for all USA citizens. Its been a good fight and you tried your best. But you cannot please everyone.

Revisionist compromises have melted down your plan to a battered jellyfish of shrunken proportions, with little or no chance of passing. And yet, I know you won't give up.

You are made of sterner stuff; your smile is hardening, and I'm glad to see it.

So, President Obama, sir, here is my suggestions for your backup Health Plan. Let's call it "Health Plan 2".

Since you've been obstructed in the insurance gambit, here's another way not greatly boost the disastrous level of health in America.

Use a fraction of those funds to fight for preventative medicine and lifestyle modification.

We know that many other countries have national health plans that work so well at lower cost. Why? Look at those countries. They eat less, they exercise more, they smoke less.

America is a nation of obese, diabetic, nicotine-addicted, pharma-addicted, sedentary TV watchers. So use TV. That's the medium. The web? Less so, but a good add-on.

Studies show that 40 percent of cancers wont happen--- if people give up smoking and gluttony and boozing, exercise even moderately--- and are given vaccines to kill cancer-causing infections.

The International Union Against Cancer has excellent guidelines for your Health Plan 2--- steps you can take to save us from ourselves and improve our health. IUAC says 1/5th of all deadly cancers are due to avoidable infections.

The World Health Organization says cancer kills your citizens, and the rate is rising exponentially, with a national life-style of self-destruction. That's why we're 37th globally on a ratio of health cost to health quality of life.

"Policymakers around the world have the opportunity and obligation to use these vaccines to save people's lives and educate their communities towards lifestyle choices and control measures that reduce their risk of cancer," Cary Adams (CEO of IUAC), said.

President Obama, don't you agree?

Americans can avoid most of the fatal cancers, those of the lungs, breasts and colon — if you use all your power to change their habits.

Take all the leftover energy and resources from your Sysiphean health plan fight. Refocus your fight for national health, into a war on disease through prevention.

Think it over, President Obama.

Start by publically kicking nicotine. Do it to kickstart an no-smoking campaign, let others suffer with you, for solidarity.

Health Plan 2 might even save more lives than your posthumously valiant Health Plan 1.

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