Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Pulse Reveals the Official USA Health Plan Proposal

Here at last is what we've been waiting for, wondering about--- the universal health care plan that the United States House of Representatives has crafted.

It will now be read, judged, argued, and inevitably, submitted for a vote.

Democrats have dreamed of this day, ever since Post WW2 President Harry Truman first attempted to push a health plan through congress. Amazing, really. A president with sufficient political power to command the only nuclear weapon ever inflicted upon a civilian enemy, and yet he could not pass his health plan, and failed miserably.

Republicans and their corporate backers have stopped health plans several times. Their leaders vow to stop it by any and all means possible.

Expect the vote to be an all-out partisan feud. Fireworks ahead!

But for the rank and file of regular American citizens, behold, here is the future of your health care. PULSE predicts it will pass, mostly intact.

And, so, (drum roll please), from the 44th US President, and the 111th US Congress, here it is....

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