Monday, July 20, 2009

Prevention Prevents Pain

Our bodies are machines. Few of us would treat our car with as little maintenance as we do our bodies.

Our meat machines are self-repairing, but only up to a point. And they must last out our entire lives. Our car is turned off at the end of a drive. But our bodies can never stop running and then be restarted.

To stop the heart even for a few minutes, is to die, to never be able to start up your innate self again, once the brain dies.

Since human body repairs are so stressful, so expensive, so traumatic, and often so poor in outcome, why wouldn't we maintain our bodies with at least the same amount of thought we give to our car?

Prevention is the one thing each of us can do, without medical intervention of any kind, to minimize the risk of disease and injury.
Not smoking, not overeating, and regular exercise, are all basic important guidelines.

What we eat is another big factor. Garbage in, garbage out.
Like a car, tubes run throughout or body. These tubes must carry our nutrients and waste. if we force grease through our tubes, they will clog. If they clog, we die.

More than any other factor, a clean diet can help prevent disease and all the pain of disease.
And the cleanest possible intake of food is vegetarian.

A typical vegetarian diet is low in calories, high in nutrients, high in "good" fats.
But more importantly, a vegetarian diet is also low in nutrients that cause disease. Like saturated fats, cholesterol, sodium.
Vegetables and fruits can be eaten in quantity, satisfying appetites without the disastrous dense caloric packing, which results in fat accumulation.

You can adapt a vegetarian diet to your own taste and preferences, and build health your own way.

No meat, fish, poultry, eggs, dairy products, or honey.

Lacto vegetarian.
No meat, fish, poultry, or eggs, but does eat dairy products.

Ovo vegetarian.
No meat, fish, poultry, or dairy products but does eat eggs.

Lacto-ovo vegetarian.
No meat, fish, or poultry but does eat dairy products and eggs.

Pescetarian (also called pesco vegetarian).
No meat or poultry but does eat fish.

Pollo vegetarian.
No meat or fish but does eat poultry.

Semi- (or partial) vegetarian.
No red meat but eats fish and poultry.

Macrobiotic diet.
Brown rice and other whole grains, supplemented with vegetables, beans or bean products such as tofu, kelp. Sometimes fish and fruits. No dairy, nothing refined.

So why would anyone change their whole diet, their way of consuming, their way of life, almost?
Fewer change for spiritual or moral reasons, many more become vegetarians for the sheer health benefit.

Many studies emphasize the health bonanza of vegetarian diets. Prevention!
Vegetarians are typically much leaner, with low cholesterol and blood sugar, with lower blood pressure, and greatly reduced body toxins.

Vegetarians' incidence of heart disease is much lower, and their cancer rates and diabetes rates as well. Longer healthier lives, just by avoiding the intake of unhealthy foods. Would you put oil in the gas tank of your car? Why would you put grease in your heart? Animal fat is the revenge of cows and pigs, some vegetarians say. Food for thought.

Speaking of your heart, a blood test can detect heart attacks that you may not know you've had.

Hospitals sometimes mistake a heart attack for a pulled muscle, or even common indigestion.
Telling you that you are fine and sending you home can lead to more attacks, and death, with a serious condition left untreated.

Myocardial infarction is defined as heart-cell death due to insufficient blood flow through he heart itself.
One indicator is the presence of Troponin, a bio-marker present when heart cells die. A blood test can determine this. Every hospital should evaluate a suspect heart attack victim with such tests, to ensure that patients receive life-saving treatment.

Prevention Prevention Prevention!
If we could buy new bodies as easily as we can buy new cars, this would not be a serious problem.
But we can't. So make food build health, instead of destroying it.

Seek pleasure, avoid pain, by eating as if you had only one body--- that had to last your whole life.

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