Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Ask, and Be Well

We are incredibly excited to welcome you to the flagship issue of MDinfo.

Our goal was nothing less than to provide a simple solution for the worlds deadliest problem--- immediate
quality medical information.

We wanted to help people everywhere, people in urgent need of health answers, to give
everyone the ability to ask medical professionals urgent health questions.

In this quest, we have brought access to global doctors of many specialities, and experts
from many different backgrounds.

MDinfo will strive to bring knowledge to health.
Your life, free of pain and disease, is the MDinfo ideal.

Life-saving information is waiting to serve you.
To serve you with healing, to serve with prevention, to serve with experience.

Our primary mission is to provide a virtual health clinic in which patients meet medical professionals, in which fear becomes knowledge, in which ignorance is replaced by advice and solutions.

Health is the great leveler in life.
Each life hangs in the balance.
No matter where you are on earth, no matter how wealthy or how destitute, good health is essential to a good life.

Without good health, all is lost.
And yet, we live in a world rife with disease and trauma.
The human population is rife with epidemics and misinformation and poor care.

Our bodies are hotels for viruses and cancers.
Our immune systems work overtime, from birth, battling constant invasions.
And yet, despite this onslaught, it is possible to lie a long pain-free life.

The body is a health machine, always fighting off invaders, always healing.
Your body is your greatest ally against disease, but only if it gets a little help from you, to be strong and in good repair, in good working order.

MDinfo is your portal, for you and all others, who need to know what's wrong with their body, or the body of a loved one or friend. MDinfo is the portal for the generous medical professional answering the need of a prospective patient.

Participate freely, and let MDinfo become your own private door to healing.

We dedicate MDinfo to the prospect that you, and all people, equally, deserve the best possible health care.

Our goal is to help 1 Billion people over the next 20 years!

Ask and be Well!

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